We stock more than 10,000 part numbers for the fallowing alternator and starter manufacturers
Bosch - Delco - Denso - Ford - Hitachi - Leece-Neville - Lucas - Magneton - Mando - Mitsuba - Mitsubishi - Motorola - Paris-Rhone - Prestolite - Valeo

Premium quality alternators, alternator parts, alternator rebuild kits, alternator upgrade kits, starters, starter parts, and starter rebuild kits.

We stock more than 10,000 part numbers for the following alternator and starter manufacturers
Bosch - Delco - Denso - Ford - Hitachi - Leece-Neville - Lucas - Magneton - Mando - Mitsuba - Mitsubishi - Motorola - Paris-Rhone - Prestolite - Valeo
You will need the alternator or starter unit part number or it's application to locate the correct parts, rebuild and upgrade kits on this site.
Part Search Help

Using the Vehicle Search is the fastest as it takes you directly to a list of alternators and starter that are used on your vehicle. 
If your vehicle isn't in the Vehicle Search but you have the part number from your alternator or starter you can search using the Part Number Search.

Here is a video showing how the Vehicle Search works. Click Here to watch.

You can get the engine specifications for your vehicle on the vehicle emission control Information label under the hood of your car. It contains the engine size in Liters ( L ).

Part Numbers:
Alternators and starters have a main part number; this is known as the Lester number. Under that number there are individual unit part numbers. 
These individual unit part numbers are assigned by their application, this might be a different mounting or a particular specification within the unit.

A Lester number 75242 would have unit part numbers under it, example...1525425, 1525428 and so on, these are the part numbers you will need to find on your alternator or starter if you have a vehicle that is not listed the Vehicle Search, either one of these part numbers can be used to locate parts on our website using the Part Number Search.

Manufacturer Part number format examples:
Bosch: Alternators/Starters, 0 120 485 047 / 0-120-485-047
Delco: Alternators/Starters, 1100125
Denso: Alternators, 104210-3210 / Starters, 428000-1660
Ford: Alternators, F2PU-10346, F2PU-10346-GA / Starters, 1806690, 1S4U-11000-AA
Hitachi: Alternators, LR1100-736B / Starters, S114-254
Iskra: Alternators, IA1286
Leece-Neville: Alternators, AVI143J2001
Lucas: Alternators, 54022466 / Starters, 27533
Magneton: Alternators, 9-515-170
Mando: Alternators, MC107012, TA000A48401 / Starters, M52100
Mitsuba: Starters, SM302-18, SM402, SM...
Mitsubishi: Alternators, A003TG1391 / Starters, M002T54371
Motorola: Alternators, 510-183
Paris Rhone: Alternators, 105643, A14N100M
Prestolite: Alternators, A160207, AVI160P2007
Valeo: Alternators, 432707, TA000A50701

Where can these numbers be found:
On alternators this number can be found stamped on one of the sides of the front frame or on a tag on the rear cover.
On starters it is usually on a plate or tag on the field casing "the main body".

Search methods:
DO NOT include the voltage rating i.e.." 0 120 485 047 12V , 1120221 12V " as it isn't part of the part number.
Try different variances of the part number such as 0 120 485 047, try adding dashes 0-120-485-047. See the manufacturer part number example above.
Individual parts usually have a part number stamped on them, you can search using these numbers as well.

Engine Code:
Some Vehicles in the vehicle search state a particular engine code, this can be easily found on the web in a simple form where you enter your cars V.I.N. and it returns all the information regarding your cars build.. including Engine Code.

We also have Unit exploded views for Early Chrysler, Delco, Ford, Leece-Neville, Lucas and Prestolite alternator and starters.

If you tried the vehicle search and part number search or can't find a part number you can send us all the information you have with photo's using our Parts Assistance form or you can give us a call 727-312-3133  M-F 9-5 EST. and we will see what we can do for you.


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