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Vehicle Search Help

Alternator & Starter Part Numbers:

Alternators and starters have a main part number, this is known as the Lester number and is the part number alternators and starters are listed under on this site. 
Under that number there are individual unit part numbers, these individual unit part numbers are assigned by their application, this might be something different about mounting or a particular specification with the unit. You can enter any of these numbers in the part number search.

Example:  A Lester number 7524 would have unit part numbers under it, example...1525425, 1525428 and so on. This part number you will be needed to find on your alternator or starter, it is used in the second step of the vehicle search

NOTE: On some units the part number may not be the original and the part number provided cannot be cross referenced.

Manufacturer Unit Part number format examples:
Bosch: Alternators/Starters, 0 120 485 047 / 0-120-485-047
Delco: Alternators/Starters, 1100125
Denso: Alternators, 104210-3210 / Starters, 428000-1660
Ford: Alternators, F2PU-10346, F2PU-10346-GA / Starters, 1806690, 1S4U-11000-AA
Hitachi: Alternators, LR1100-736B / Starters, S114-254
Leece-Neville: Alternators, AVI143J2001
Lucas: Alternators, 54022466 / Starters, 27533
Magneton: Alternators, 9-515-170
Mando: Alternators, MC107012, TA000A48401 / Starters, M52100
Mitsuba: Starters, SM302-18, SM402, SM...
Mitsubishi: Alternators, A003TG1391 / Starters, M002T54371
Motorola: Alternators, 510-183
Paris Rhone: Alternators, 105643, A14N100M
Prestolite: Alternators, A160207, AVI160P2007
Valeo: Alternators, 432707, TA000A50701

Where can these unit part numbers be found?:
On alternators this number can be found stamped on one of the sides of the front frame or on a tag on the rear cover.
On starters it is usually on a plate or tag on the field casing "the main body".

Part number search methods:
When doing a part number search DO NOT include the voltage rating i.e.." 0 120 485 047 12V , 1120221 12V " as it isn't part of the part number.
Try different variances of the part number such as 0 120 485 047, try adding dashes 0-120-485-047. See the manufacturer part number example above.
Individual parts usually have a part number stamped on them, you can search using these numbers as well.