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Premium Quality Alternators - Starters - Alternator Parts - Starter Parts - Alternator Repair Kits - Starter Rebuild Kits

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Premium quality parts for repairing the fallowing manufacturers aletrnator or starter

Bosch - Delco - Denso - Ford - Hitachi - Leece-Neville - Lucas - Magneton - Mando - Mitsuba - Mitsubishi - Motorola - Paris-Rhone - Prestolite - Valeo and more

We stock much more than just bearings and brushes...
Starter Armatures, Ball Bearings, Alternator Brush Holder Assemblies, Starter Brush Holder Assemblies, Alternator Brushes, Starter Brushes, Starter Bushings, Alternator Diode Trios, Starter Drive Clutches, Alternator Fans, Starter Field Coils, Starter Gaskets, Starter Grommets, Alternator Hardware, Starter Hardware, Needle Roller Bearings, Starter Oil Seals, Starter O-Rings, Starter Pinion Gears, Alternator Pulleys, Alternator Rectifiers, Alternator Regulators, Alternator Regulator/Rectifier Assemblies, Alternator Retaining Rings, Alternator Rotors, Alternator Rotor Slip Rings, Seals, Starter Shift Levers, Snap Rings, Starter Solenoids, Starter Solenoid Contacts, Starter Solenoid Plungers, Starter Drives, Starter Stationary Gears, Alternator Stators, Alternator Terminal Blocks, Terminals, Alternator Tolerance Rings.

Serving the professional rebuilder and the home do-it-yourselfer

Unlike our competitors, we do not sell cheap china units or parts!

Starter parts: We stock a large inventory of small and hard to find replacement starter part. Clips, retianers, gaskets, seals and much more!

Starter Rebuild kits: Contain all the important and small parts that give you a quality rebuild that will get it performing like new again and last for years.

Alternators & starters: Consist of 100% new and quality remanufactured. All alternators and starters are thoroughly tested, include a printed performance sheet. 

Alternator parts: The best available in the industry including quality Rectifier and Voltage Regulator manufacturers such as Transpo, Taditel, Renard and some O.E.M.

Alternator Repair kits: Include heavy duty regulators and bridge rectifiers, premium quality bearings and long life brushes.

Alternator Upgrade Parts: Premium double insulated Stators up to 240 Amps, Heavy Duty Rectifiers and Voltage Regulators for building high output alternators

Rebuilding Services: We offer our rebuilding service to our internet customers that don't have the tools or experience to do the job them self. Call or email our customer service department for more information.