Price each: $18.63

Part Number: 21-232

Condition: new

Quantity Price per unit
5+ $17.63
10+ $16.63

D.E. Frame - Ford 6G Series 110A Small Frame IR/IF Alternators

•  Mtg. Ear Hole Size: 10mm
•  Mtg. Ear Thickness: 55mm
•  Mtg. Foot Hole Size: 10mm
•  Mtg. Foot to Bearing Center: 88mm
•  Bearing Bore Dia: 52mm
•  Stator Bore Dia: 130mm
•  52mm D.E. bearing bore used w/ 10-3043 D.E. bearing.
•  Similar to 21-230 except 21-230 used w/ 47mm OD 6-303 D.E. bearing
Ford F81U-10A351-AA
Unit Nos:  
FORD F81U-10300-DB, F81U-10300-DC, F81U-10300-DD, F81U-10300-DE, F81Z-10346-DA, F81Z-10346-DARM, YC1U-10300-BC, YC1U-10300-DA, YC1U-10300-DB, YC1U-10300-DC, YC1U-10346-DA; FORDENG F81U-DB, F81U-DC, F81U-DD, F81U-DE, YC1U-DA, YC1U-DB, YC1U-DC


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